Imaco Systemtechnik d.o.o. invests in a "green future"

Nowadays, the growing overcrowding of the planet and environmental awareness, it is necessary to use more and more energy that is not harmful to the environment and which is available immediately and in unlimited quantities.

In order to follow the recommendations of European energy policies, the company Imaco Systemtechnik d.o.o. Usora initiated the construction of a photovoltaic power plant for its own needs, at the address Žabljak bb. Usora.

"We are aware that only in a clean and tidy environment can we have an atmosphere that encourages work, that relaxes employees and gives a positive signal to our closest neighbors, so we make every effort to be recognizable when it comes to caring for the environment."

Research has shown that solar energy emits much less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, ie that it has less impact on climate change compared to other non-renewable energy sources. There are many advantages of solar energy, but the most important feature is the reduction of electricity or heat costs, and a positive impact on the environment through the reduction of CO2 emissions.